China Paradigm transcript #100: Behind the scenes of a B2B sales network in China

sales network in China

Find here the full transcript of China paradigm episode 100. Learn more about Liang Sun’s story in China as the founder of Generate, a B2B sales network in China, and his experience managing a sales consultancy. Find all the details and additional links below. Full transcript below: Welcome to China Paradigm, a show powered by […]

The premium seafood market in China

Premium seafood market in China

China is a traditional fishing country that accounts for two-thirds of worldwide aquaculture. With the growing middle class and the rise of disposable income, the Chinese purchase a progressively more diverse basket of seafood products and the premium seafood market in China is expanding. Demand for luxury seafood products has increased significantly in China over […]

The mattress market in China is springing up with new demand

The mattress market in China

China’s mattress market is still relatively early in its development. Perceptions regarding the importance of mattresses are evolving. Additionally, the market concentration is relatively low, thus there leaving much room to grow. Yet there are a great number of leading global corporate organizations with significant long-term prospects in the mattress market in China. With consumers’ […]

Wool market in China sources domestically during Australia’s drought

Wool market in China

From 2016, China replaced Australia to become the biggest supplier of wool materials. However China still imports Australian wool due to the high market demand and policy changes. As the world’s main supplier of wool, the wool output accounts for more than one-third of the global total, of which merino wool amounts to more than […]

The API industry in China: Producing and exporting to the global market

The API industry in China

API produced and exported by China account for 40% of the global provision. Short for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, API is a component for drug products. The API industry in China plays an important role in the global pharmaceutical ecosystem. China’s position in the global API market Pharmaceutical products have drastically varied features, some being patented […]

The Coffee bean market in China: Where does China import beans from?

The coffee bean market in China

More than 50 countries produce coffee, and about one-third of the world’s people drink it. Currently coffee is becoming popular in the Chinese beverage market.  With the improvement of living standards and the growing awareness of coffee culture, coffee bean market in China is on the rise. The demand for premium coffee beans has increased in […]