The oat milk market in China: From cafés to nation-wide e-commerce

The oat milk market in China

Allied Market Research published a report indicating the global oat milk market amounted to $360.5 million in 2019, and is projected to generate $995.3 million by 2027: a CAGR of 13.4% from 2021 to 2027. According to Huaon, the plant-based milk market in China was 53.69 billion RMB in size in 2019 with 87.84 million […]

How Christmas in China is celebrated and why it is considered controversial

How Chinese celebrate Chris as

Although most Chinese people do not celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday, in the shopping malls Christmas decorations can be seen starting in early December. From Valentine’s Day to Christmas, as well as Halloween, which has been growing in popularity, more and more western holidays are on Chinese people’s radars. However, the way the Chinese […]

Streetwear in China: hip-hop influence and form of expression for the Chinese youth

streetwear in China

Streetwear in China has colorfully and poetically blossomed among gen Z with the help of hip-hop culture, national pride and a need for individual expression. US skate culture plays an important role in this movement, making streetwear and skatewear more mainstream in China. Social media keeps Chinese youth in tune to emerging trends and cultures. […]

Feeling the beats of the Chinese rap culture

Rap music in China

Chinese rap and hip-hop music slowly emerged in the late 80s, along with the establishment of the Juliana Club in Beijing. In 1984, the club is the only one in Mainland China to welcome foreign DJs, who began to play rap on a daily basis. Chinese rap culture gives a space for Chinese subcultures to […]

Traditional and modern Chinese superstitions: Ghosts, gods, fate, and wedding dates

Chinese superstitions

Chinese superstitious psychology has existed since ancient times. It originated from prehistoric religious ideas of primitive society. Through the development of Shang dynasty, Western Zhou dynasty, the Warrior Kingdom Period, Qin and Han dynasty and so on, it finally formed various forms of secular superstition in modern times and reformed under the influence of politics, […]

Education elsewhere: China seeks out exchanges in other countries

Chinese students studying abroad

China as a good source of international students The number of students going abroad is mounting every year as increasing numbers of Chinese students are looking for an experience overseas. Between 2008 and 2016, the number of students studying abroad had increased from 179,800 to 544,500 showing overwhelming growth. In 2017 alone, 608,400 students left China for […]

Apply the Kardashians marketing tactics in China

Kardashians in China

In 2020, the Kardashians’ fame in China has hit a new high.  No matter how you feel about them, you cannot deny their success: the empire of Kim Kardashian worth $350 million and Kylie Jenner’s worth $900 million. This is mainly thanks to the Kardashians marketing genius, which is also trending in the Chinese market. […]