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FinTech industry in China

FinTech is short for “financial technology” and refers to the application of technology within the financial services industry. This advanced and innovative combination unveils a remarkable breakthrough in modern technology. FinTech currently serves as the critical foundation to build differentiated customer experiences via personalization, quick response, relevance, and seamless delivery. There are two types of FinTech […]

Personal data is under-supplied for small companies in China

Personal data is becoming a new valuable resource in the 21st century that touches all aspects of society. Personal data can be divided into three categories: identity data, network data, and behavioral data. Identity data includes basic information of a person, such as a name, gender, mobile phone number, and identity card number, which are […]

[Infographic] The beef meat industry in China

Beef meat industry in China

The Beef meat industry in China: Why China needs US production On 22 September 2016, Chinese officials announced that the embargo instituted after an outbreak of “mad cow disease” (also called bovine spongiform encephalopathy, BSE) in the United States in 2003 was partially lifted. Some American beef is making a comeback onto the plates in […]

[Infographic] China Football Industry: Trends and Opportunity

China football industry

The development of China football industry offers attractive prospects for the emerging sports equipment market On 22 October 2016, the Italian former professional football player Marcello Lippi was appointed coach of the Chinese football team. This decision is further evidence of the new dimension Chinese authorities want to give to the Chinese soccer. The former […]

China is about to surpass the USA as the world’s largest apparel market

Daxue consulting-apparel market in China

  China is the world’s largest textile producer and exporter, with 39 percent market share in 2016, according to l’Économiste. In 2015, exports reached $ 284 billion dollars, mainly for the American market. However, this situation is changing, because China is expected to become the world’s largest apparel market in 2017, ahead of the US. […]

Processed Food Industry in China

Processed food Industry in China

Processed Food Industry in China: A Rise of Imported Food As an ancient country rich in its culture, Chinese people has been thought highly of the culture of diet and food. China’s food industry has developed rapidly these years, however, in the eyes of some westerners, they may still have a small picture of it. […]

Console Games in China – The Next Level Up?

Over the next three years, the international games market will pass US$100 billion, and is expected to be reaching US$102.9 billion in 2017 according to some reports. Annual growth is taking place at the high-speed of +8.1%. The expansion is essentially attributed to the development of the Asian markets coupled with the rising mobile market. […]