What does the CAI mean for the European Automotive Industry?

EU-China investment deal impact on auto industry

After seven years of negotiations and serious concessions on both sides, the European Commission and the Chinese government finally reached an agreement on the European Union (EU)-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI). This investment deal serves to re-balance investment relations by allowing each party more access to each other’s market. As such, its successful implementation […]

China reacts to the death of former French President Jacques Chirac | Daxue Consulting

Jacques Chirac and China

On Thursday, Sep 26th, the former French President Jacques Chirac passed away in Paris at the age of 86. His influence was felt across France as thousands of French people, despite harsh weather condition, queued in Paris on Sep 29th to pay their last tribute after the funeral. Jacques Chirac, center-right socialist politician, served as […]

What do Chinese Netizens say about Easter?|Daxue Consulting

colorful Easter eggs

This year’s Easter was on April 21st, 2019, and while it is not traditionally a holiday celebrated in China, it seems that Chinese netizens have taken an interest in the holiday as well. Easter is a Christian holiday, making it mostly celebrated in the Americas and Europe. The date is determined by the Sunday after […]

Open Innovation: Transforming your Business in China | Daxue Consulting

Smart Shopping in China

Open innovation (OI) is the process of integrating external expertise into the innovation processes of a company or organization. The overall purpose of implementing an open innovation strategy is for companies to take advantage of external ideas, resources, and market channels in order to advance their own technology and products. It essentially enhances a firm’s […]

Where do Chinese tourists travel, eat and stay while in South-West Europe? | Daxue Consulting

What are the most popular European countries among Chinese tourists

Chinese tourists in South-West Europe. The implementation of Belt and Road Initiative has enhanced Chinese tourists’ understanding of Europe. The increase in new routes and charter flights has enabled Chinese consumers in second- and third-tier cities travel to Europe. Local terrorist attacks didn’t influence the Chinese people’s wishes of traveling, and we can see the […]