Why We Changed Our Logo

Why we Change Our Logo


Logo Daxue Consulting


You may have noticed a change in our logo on our website and social media channels over the past day. Yes, we rolled out a new logo.

We modified it for a few reasons. First, China is an ever-evolving market that constantly presents new opportunities and challenges, therefore our main objective — providing the best understanding of China’s market — continues to evolve.

Second, though we will always remain true to the values by which Daxue Consulting was founded, we also wanted to provide a new perspective on the dynamic company that we have grown to become. Last but not least, the logo change felt natural and has given the whole business a fresh start.


A Collective Work 

Across a few months, we thought and shared ideas with different teams across the company. The creation of the new logo involved the collective work of the entire staff. Each and every one of us shared stories and experiences related to the true spirit of our company. One day, two colors were set on a white background.

Daxue Consulting

Here is where we started. Ideas were shared, questions were asked, notes were posted on boards and left on desks, and photos were taken. With the meeting room occupied for days, we were almost there and very excited. All Daxue Consulting’s staff deserves true credit for implementing our new logo. We are proud to move forward with it and hope that you like it too!

Here’s a sneak peak behind the scenes.
daxue-consulting-new-logo-photo-1Daxue Consulting - Office Daxue consultingDaxue Consulting - Daxue

Feel free to send us your opinion about our new logo at dxshanghai@daxueconsulting.com.