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China consultForeign Companies’ Strategies entering the Chinese Market

If a foreign company wants to enter the Chinese market, there are a lot of things to consider and stumbling blocks to get out of the way. To get some consulting help can be a worthwhile investment for a smooth start into the Chinese market.

[China Consult and business expert in China]

Many companies have already tried to do business with China and use China for product sourcing, a production location or as a sales market. Several of them encountered problems that were higher than the benefits. So, in order to make sure of a business’s success, most of the foreign companies who don’t know much about the Chinese market need to get some China consulting (although it costs some money, it is a good investment if you choose the right consulting partner) and be patient. Even with the best possible China consulting agency you will have to make your own experiences.

Small Consulting Companies Focusing on Chinese Market Research

There are some small consulting companies in the Chinese market. One of them is Daxue Consulting. The core business of Daxue Consulting is business consulting in China. Among the consulting projects, we perform trends analysis, sector analysis, and analysis based on quantitative data and qualitative information. Finally, a series of recommendations is elaborated. This consulting service aims at enabling our clients to get a clear vision on a precise point and a comprehensive overview of the challenges in the market as well as the positioning and specific strategies of different players. Project Managers try to provide operational recommendations .

Research Methodology:  Focus Group, In-depth interview, Delphi technique, Projection technique

There are all kinds of research methodologies used by consulting companies in China. The qualitative market research methods include: focus group, in-depth interview, Delphi technique, projection technique. The quantitative market research methods include: phone survey (traditional phone survey and computer aided phone survey), face to face interview (door to door, interception method and mystery customer), and mail survey(returned questionnaire survey and fixed sampling survey). The methods used by consulting companies depends on the type of business which is consulted. Daxue Consulting conducts consulting services using the following methodologies: documentary research delivered on PowerPoint slides, qualitative interviews with market experts, interviews with competitors through various approaches, qualitative interviews made internally or with prospects and clients, and synthesis of internal documents.

Daxue Consulting is a new kind of consulting firm, especially efficient in terms of data collection and cost.


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