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Chinese VS Germans


What will happen when Chinese meet Germans? A designer Yang Liu conveys the cultural differences between western countries and eastern countries through her East Meets West infographic series.

It can be seen from the picture that western citizens prefer a more independent lifestyle while Chinese like living dependently.

The picture shows different attitudes towards punctuality, Germans value time and can always be on time, while Chinese think it doesn’t matter if you are late for a few minutes.

In terms of problem-solving approach, Germans seem to be more straightforward, but Chinese will consider more factors and try to solve the problem indirectly.

The picture talks about the size of the individual’s ego, Germans could be more self-oriented, while Chinese  seem not always put oneself into the first position.

In Germans’ eyes, farmers, tea, and rice are basic symbols of Chinese; while from Chinese point of view, key word of Germans are gentleman, like sausage,  and beer.

The picture shows how to stand in a line, Germans can stand in a queue and move forward in order but for Chinese, line usually doesn’t work.

It talks about complexity of self-expression. Germans express directly and straightforward, but Chinese would convey through symbolic expression, hints and allusions, expecting listeners and readers to grasp the meaning by reading between the lines.

As for the evolution of transportation over the last three decades, Germans turn back to bicycles owing to protection of environment. while in China, cars gradually take the place of bicycles due to economical development.

The picture shows the volume of sound in a restaurant, Germans always keep voices low in order not to disturb others, while Chinese keep voices high to express their excitement.