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Chinese VS Germans

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Daxue Consulting is a China-based market research and strategic consulting agency. Our team has worked with over 300 international brands in the last 5 years, including industries such as F&B, education, luxury, cosmetics, digital and high-tech, but also industrial projects in B2B sectors. We conduct all research methodologies internally with a full coverage of Mainland China to provide market sizing, consumer research, promotion and distribution plan design, competition benchmark et others. Our consultants have been quoted in media such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Financial Times, the New York Times, South China Morning Post, China Daily, Reuters, Le Monde, Les Echos.

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Kevin - March 21, 2013

I love those graphics

John - March 21, 2013

This is insulting, and disgraceful to the western culture to be frank..
If you think that is so good, why not take a look at why vehicle ideas are switching around now. Western culture has learned of emission’s and we are building more new vehicles yearly just so we don’t need to start using bicycles again but that is one form of transportation that does not cause emissions problems, or would you like to be the cause of the death to the planet, our walking around problems is actually walking around them and solving them,, Other culture typically walks over them due to lack of facing the problem you don’t truly face what s in-front of you so how would you even know when you are facing a situation..

China is rapidly changing I give this for sure, but whilst the changing are happening ones mind must change just as fast, how do you solve your traffic jams, how do you solve the problem facing you now and in the future of overwhelming vehicles popping up on the roads causing more environmental issues for you and the world, how do you solve the problems of your factories causing so much poor emission’s one must solve these matters fast for as you are stating china is moving forward, which the forwardness will also be the death of the world as well if you do not become smarter and make more advancements towards solving the problems facing the whole world which 1/3 is being caused by your country now and to boot as 5-10 yr’s pass at a time you will become more major player in this problem, so one would think you would wish to start solving these problems a hell of allot fast like for example, eliminate all the gas vehicles, start forcing only smart vehicles allowed upon the roads, this is one quick fix especially with the power the government has over there this is a possible switch.. and healthier in the future as well.. I am sorry but even western civilization is moving towards bicycles, we are still moving further ahead then china.. we are more advanced thinking in this manner we see the problems and we are trying to solve them, like your pictures states china either doesn’t see them or doesn’t care about them and is just passing over the problem..
Western Civilization should be disgusted by this portrait and China Civilization should be dishonoured and ashamed of this…

    Daxue Consulting - March 21, 2013

    Thanks for your comment John. I guess the artist wanted to be humorous and raise some paradoxes without deeper intention.

Li Wan Fei - November 4, 2017

“In terms of problem-solving approach, Germans seem to be more straightforward, but Chinese will consider more factors and try to solve the problem indirectly.”

The picture possibly illustrates, that we Chinese avoid self-criticism by denying mistakes we made. We also don’t like to talk about problems, it’s easier to ignore them and move on.

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