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What is Daxue Capital

Daxuecapital is providing services in the cross-border financial advisory for international companies to penetrate the Chinese market and for Chinese companies to explore overseas opportunities. Daxuecapital is a branch of a larger group called Daxue Consulting with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong-Kong, Paris and Seoul.



Daxuecapital has been able to assess opportunities for acquisition in the food industry (babyfood, infant formula and alcohol), the Internet (e-commerce), the elderly sector.

A reliable partner to assess financial opportunities in China

Daxuecapital helps companies:

  • Define acquisition opportunities for companies to reach the next stage of their development,
  • Target acquisition opportunities or merger strategies for specific overseas markets,
  • Initiate contacts and co-execute the plan with the acquiring or acquired companies,
  • Deeply and fully understand, assess and value the synergies, opportunities and threats of a specific acquisition,
  • Establish KPIs for the acquisition or merger within a thorough and complete plan as well as alternative plans,
  • Follow-up KPIs and execution of the transaction.

Lets take one example: a investment firm in Dubaï in London.