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What is Daxueseniors


Daxueconsulting has become one of the leading advisory companies for the sernior market in China with leaders of the market as references.

A multi-channel approach to optimize your sales

Daxueseniors can provide many methodologies:

  • Desk research on the market situation in China and the competitive framework
  • Demographic forecast and future demand analysis
  • Market survey toward the family’s decision-makers for the elderly care
  • Focus groups and in-depth interview with seniors
  • In-depth interview with market insiders
  • Mystery call and visits in nursing home or elderly care institutions
  • Business or marketing plan for a market entry in China

Lets take one example: Orpea is a leading provider of nursing homes in Europe since 1989. In order to prepare its entry in the Chinese market, the group asked Daxue Consulting to provide a benchmark of its competitors already in China, as well as an assessment of the size of the market (demand vs. supply) for high-end nursing homes in the country.

Daxue Consulting conducted a research including an extensive desk research, benchmark of competitors, mapping of supply of nursing homes across the country. Our team delivered a full report answering all the question the client had as well as offered recommendation on the strategy to adopt to extend their operation on the Chinese market.