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bankruptcy in China

Daxue Talks 57: Learn about bankruptcy in China in five minutes

Bankruptcy in China

In this China business vlog, Nicolas Coster, a French business lawyer, talks about the nuances that businesses face when closing a company in China.

Jump to the questions:

  • 00:27 What is a procedure for bankruptcy in China?
  • 1:30 Are there any differences between bankruptcy for JV and WFOE?
  • 1:50 How long does the bankruptcy procedure process last?
  • 2:10 What are the risks for a limited company in a bankruptcy process?
  • 2:48 What happens to employees when a company gets bankrupt?
  • 3:11 What happens to investable assets such as trademarks when a company is going bankrupt? Can someone register them right after the bankruptcy?
  • 3:30 Can the legal representative be considered responsible in a case of bankruptcy?
  • 4:10 Is there a blacklist of the legal representatives of bankrupt companies?
  • 4:37 You said, that there is a blacklist of investors. If the investor is the company itself, is the company itself blacklisted? Or rather, are the people responsible for the company blacklisted?

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