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brand native app in China

Daxue Talks 72: Comparing WeChat mini-programs and brand’s native app

WeChat mini-programs

In this China business vlog, we ask Aurelien Rigart, an expert in helping brands with digital transformation initiatives, about WeChat mini-programs and how it distinguishes from the isolated, native app. He also touches upon how AI, live streaming, and 5G in the future play a role when it comes to user experience.

Jump to questions:

  • 0:54: What features and functions can be developed through mini-programs? Can we develop a chatbot, a mini-game, a payment system, a shop, a face recognition, or CR? Also, what can and cannot be implemented through a mini-program?
  • 3:02: What features are usable with a native app that you cannot find in a mini-program?
  • 5:36: What kind of AI can be implemented within a mini-program and how smart can a mini-program be with what Tencent is offering now?
  • 6:55: Does Tencent offer some AI libraries or building blocks which help you to process intelligence through the mini-programs?

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