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wills in china

Daxue Talks 77: Inheritance in China: Foreigners and Chinese wills

Foreigners and Chinese wills

In this episode of Daxue Talks, we ask Camille Xu, partner at one of China’s largest law firms, who is the rightful heir when someone passes away unexpectedly, and other concerns surrounding foreigners and Chinese wills. Find out whether or not you should head to a notary public when establishing a will in China and the best legal practices when marrying a local as a foreigner.

Jump to questions:

  • 0:52: What is the process and cost of getting a will done in China?
  • 4:27: Theoretically speaking, say that someone has 1 million RMB saved in his/her Chinese bank account. If this person passed away unexpectedly, how could an heir withdraw the money in an account?
  • 7:28: If someone doesn’t have many assets in China and will only be living in China for a short period, do you believe this person need a will? In what cases do you recommend making a Chinese will for foreign residents of China?

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