inheritance law in China

Daxue Talks 76: Inheritance law as a foreigner in China

Inheritance law as foreigner in China.

There are many personal legal matters to consider as a foreigner living in China, such as having a foreign will, managing private assets as a foreigner, and wondering if Chinese inheritance law is applicable. In this China business vlog, Camille Xu, partner at Yingke law firm, shares her expertise on these legal concerns as a foreigner in China.  

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  • 0:52: According to Chinese law, if someone without a will passes away, who will become heir?
  • 3:23: Does Chinese inheritance law apply to foreigners or should foreigners follow the laws of their home country?
  • 4:46: What if someone already has a foreign will in place, can this person use it directly or does he/she need a Chinese will?
  • 7:36: What issues will the Chinese court focus on when assessing the truthfulness and validity of a written will?
  • 10:35: Can a foreigner change a will?

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