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localization linkedin to the chinese market

Daxue Talks 81: Localization of LinkedIn to the Chinese market

Localization of LinkedIn to the Chinese market

As a self-sustaining internal economy, China has many competitors of LinkedIn as a job search and networking platform. We have interviewed the co-presidents of LinkedIn Local Asia, Julien Sicard and Tamar Hela, about the localization and presence of LinkedIn in China. They also touch upon the key figures and demographics of users in China and recent initiatives of LinkedIn China.

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  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:42 LinkedIn is the only western social media allowed in China, in terms of numbers, how large is the LinkedIn China community?
  • 4:03 What are the demographics of LinkedIn users in China?
  • 7:35 Is there a Chinese platform equivalent of LinkedIn?

Key takeaways about localization of LinkedIn to the Chinese market

  1. In support of Wuhan college students affected by the coronavirus, LinkedIn China launched career coaching sessions.
  2. Active LinkedIn users in China are mostly those in higher or executive positions, particularly due to their higher education levels and English as LinkedIn’s primary language.
  3. In the face of local competitors, LinkedIn in China can continue educating users and demonstrating how to use their products

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