set up private traffic in China

Daxue Talks 70: Private traffic in China: how is it set up?

Our guest Aurelien Rigart, Vice President and partner at IT Consultis, shares his expertise on the building blocks of private traffic in China. He covers how this marketing strategy affects retail, building a WeChat ecosystem, and incorporating KOL.

Jump to questions:

  • 0:56: What are the different components of private traffic? What is used to create private traffic in China besides your own website and WeChat?
  • 2:58: What frameworks exist to develop mini-programs and WeChat? Is there something like WordPress for mini-programs? Are there some building blocks you can assemble or do you have to code from scratch?
  • 5:03: How do you drive traffic to your own channels like WeChat, websites, shops, or how do you get a phone number to create a direct connection with consumers through SMS?

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