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SEO on LinkedIn China

Daxue Talks 85: Taking advantage of SEO on LinkedIn in China

In this China business vlog, we have asked Julien Sicard and Tamar Hela from LinkedIn Local Asia (Shanghai), experts in LinkedIn especially for China, how to optimize a LinkedIn profile through SEO. They tell us what companies can do to take an advantage of SEO on LinkedIn in China and increase exposure in the face of competitors.

Jump to the questions:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:24 What can you share about LinkedIn SEO, what are some tricks to make your profile show up in the China-sphere?
  • 6:14 How does LinkedIn SEO work for articles, and how can LinkedIn users increase the longevity of their articles?
  • 8:27 How should content strategies for individuals and companies differ?

SEO on LinkedIn in China, key takeaways

  1. LinkedIn in SEO is very powerful. There are a lot of SEO strategies for LinkedIn, the first one is to rewrite the permalink of your profile. The other works the same way as elsewhere – keyword repetition.
  2. Think more long term strategies with articles to make sure they do include interesting posting and structural features.
  3. Currently, the biggest concern for the company is brand empowerment. So, it’s essential to use social media to increase the motivation and ‘convince’ talents that it is cool to work at a company despite the fact that it can be very intensive and even stressful.

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