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China’s samples economy report

samples economy in china

Product samples are incredibly popular in China, driving the growth of a unique economy that hasn’t seen the same rise in the West due to specific economic factors and consumer preferences.  In China, product samples are evolving from a promotional tactic to a packaging option, as consumers are increasingly willing to buy sample-sized products. This […]

Consumer pain points in China’s beauty market

China's beauty market

In the very competitive beauty market in China, many brands are fiercely and rapidly innovating to satisfy the needs of consumers. However, there are still remaining pain points that have not been addressed at all or have not been addressed effectively by brands. To identify some of these pain points, we conducted social media listening […]

Biotech beauty in China: global alliances are reshaping the future of cosmetics

biotech beauty in china

By 2024, China’s beauty & personal care market is expected to yield a revenue of RMB 499.7 billion with a projected annual growth rate of 4.84% (CAGR 2024-2028). The driving forces behind this growth primarily stem from the cosmetics and skincare segments. Driven by Chinese consumers’ higher expectations for effective but safe and sustainable cosmetics […]

Tripling sales and halving prices: China’s samples market revolutionizing purchases

In recent years, product samples have increasingly influenced full-size purchases, especially in China’s beauty sector. A recent report from China’s e-commerce giant (京东) and Economic Daily (经济日报) highlights a surge in product sample sales within China’s consumer market. Online sales of sample-sized products in the first half of 2023 are 2.1 times higher than […]

She economy rising: Decoding the shopping secrets of Chinese women

she economy in china

Chinese women are experiencing a noticeable surge in financial independence. As society undergoes changes, women’s priorities are also shifting. They are moving beyond traditional family roles to prioritize self-care. This report examines diverse consumption patterns among Chinese women, identifying opportunities in the “she economy.” It underscores their pivotal role in household decisions, evolving dynamics, and […]

Chinese makeup brands revolutionize the market

In the multifaceted Chinese cosmetics market, the makeup segment occupies a significant share of the transactions. The landscape is not dominated by any particular brand, in fact, it is a multipolar system with ongoing competition between foreign and Chinese makeup brands. As of 2023, while international brands generally still hold the lead, there is a […]

Rising demand for high-protection drives the sunscreen market in China

sunscreen market in China

As Chinese consumers become more aware of the importance of skin health, the use of sunscreen is no longer limited to sunny summer days. Nowadays, people in China regularly apply sunscreen even during colder seasons when the sun’s rays are not as intense. This shift in behavior is only one of the many reasons behind […]