China Chic: The Emergence of Chinese luxury brands


Nowadays Chinese consumers are a major driver of growth for the global luxury industry and their importance is bound to increase in the years to come. Indeed, mainland China is expected to become the world’s largest luxury goods market by 2025, thereby surpassing the regional share of the Americas and Europe. Covid-19 travel restrictions induced […]

China travel retail market report

Travel retail in China

Now is the prime time to start your travel retail market strategy, and this report shows why. The new duty-free policies boost domestic travel retail shopping in China, including a cancellation of the 8K RMB / person spending limit for each item. Sales of Duty-Free goods in Hainan increased 103% YoY in 2020. Lastly, Brick […]

China Guochao Marketing Report

Download our report on Guochao marketing in China Guochao (literally “national trend”) refers to the increase in consumer favoritism towards Chinese brands, designs, and culture. Guochao consumers embrace Chinese cultural designs and products made in China. To learn more about China’s Guochao trend, we conducted in-depth interviews with Chinese gen-z from all over the country. […]

C-beauty brands’ secrets to success report

C beauty market in China

Download our report on C-beauty brands’ market strategies The beauty sector in China developed steadily in recent years, but most notably, has been the rise of C-beauty brands. China had become the world’s second largest beauty market in 2019. The sales of skincare products accounted for more than half of the beauty market in China. The […]

Why the male beauty market in China should no longer be overlooked by beauty brands

male beauty market China

In the past few years, with the increase of purchasing power and the awakening of Chinese male beauty consumers’ awareness of personal care, the male beauty market in China has shown a huge potential of growth. Growing double the global growth rate, Chinese male beauty consumers have become a target market of both international and […]