Open innovation

Open innovation is a strategic business concept that emphasizes collaboration, idea sharing, and resource exchange among various entities, including organizations, individuals, and even competitors, with the aim of fostering innovation and creating value. In contrast to the closed innovation model, this approach taps into a broader network of partners, enabling businesses to leverage diverse expertise. […]

Employee Engagement Survey

An employee engagement survey is a questionnaire meant to get employee feedback about what working in your company looks like. The survey will help you gather valuable information to improve your company’s workplace environment and build a stronger company culture. How we run an employee engagement survey in China Prepare Our team will understand your […]

Media Consulting

Media consulting helps clients optimize their digital strategies in a complex market. With expertise in the Chinese market, Daxue Consulting specializes in data-based media consulting in China. We give companies strategic marketing advice in accordance with market complexities to improve their operational efficiency. How our Media Consulting in China works Evaluate We employ scientific testing […]

Healthcare Consulting

With the ubiquity of smartphones and the development of mobile technology in China, it is likely to expect an ongoing growth of mobile health innovations in China in order to provide healthcare services for different groups of consumers. Our healthcare consulting services will help you research, analyze and optimize your performance in the Chinese healthcare […]

Crisis Management

There are internal and external crises that companies in China may encounter that require unique strategies. External crisis management in China includes responses to natural disasters, crises of malevolence, and public health crises like SARS or COVID-19. Internal crisis management in China includes responses to financial crisis, technology crisis, deception crisis, workplace violence, confrontation crisis, […]

Lean Management

With the continuous improvement of the global industrial chain, embracing lean management in China allows businesses and manufacturers to increase competitiveness. Chinese firms face deteriorated management efficiency as they break away from former state‐controlled mass production. Lean management helps increase flexibility in manufacturing, enhance manufacturing research, and prevent overproduction. Our steps for lean management consulting […]

Management Consulting

Nowadays, consulting services are divided into several categories covering a wide range of industries, such as comprehensive consulting, financial advisory, market research, advertising, public relations, head hunting, etc. Management consulting is the practice of helping organizations to improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing problems and development of plans of improvement. Management consulting […]