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Open innovation

Amid China’s rapid growth, open innovation fuels collaboration, shaping innovation and economic development

Open innovation is a strategic business concept that emphasizes collaboration, idea sharing, and resource exchange among various entities, including organizations, individuals, and even competitors, with the aim of fostering innovation and creating value. In contrast to the closed innovation model, this approach taps into a broader network of partners, enabling businesses to leverage diverse expertise. This dynamic ecosystem positions China at the forefront of global innovation, driving technological advancement and cross-sector partnerships, contributing to domestic and international progress.

Our steps for open innovation


By analyzing the local innovation framework, our consultants inform your strategy and leverage local resources and networks.


Our team will analyze industry leaders, seeking innovation insights and strategic positioning to identify collaboration opportunities.


Our consultants will help clients set and cultivate their innovation practices.


Daxue team will identify potential partners and understand how to land projects.


Our project managers will help detect and address possible challenges and pitfalls.

When to opt for open innovation in China

Opting for open innovation in China is a strategic choice poised to transform your organization’s trajectory. It offers the pathway to tap into local expertise, accelerate product development, navigate complex regulations, and seamlessly cater to the unique preferences of Chinese consumers. This approach unlocks a growing reservoir of knowledge within the Chinese market, empowering businesses to remain competitive and dynamic.

What Open innovation brings you

Tackle changes

Open innovation enables brands to stay responsive to shifts in the market, technology, or consumer preferences.

Generate new growth

Brands can gain a competitive edge by innovating, identifying new revenue opportunities, and expanding their market share.

Get out from the crowd

Through open innovation, businesses can provide superior products, services, and solutions to outperform competitors.

Open innovation's related services and methodologies