Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence in China helps you extract the most value from the vast amount of data your company produces in one of the most crucial global markets. It offers you the possibility to aggregate relevant data beyond your business (stock market data, weather forecast, social website trends, etc.), giving you unique insights to outsmart your […]

Business Turnaround

A business turnaround consulting service in China provides adapted and data-based solutions to firms in need of a re-orientation of their resources and efforts. Daxue Consulting has developed a set of close-to-market methodologies to identify new market opportunities in China in line with the ambitions and available resources of our clients. Daxue Consulting also works […]

Agile Strategy

At Daxue Consulting, we define being “agile” as making a series of small, iterative refinements so that an organization has the flexibility to respond to unpredictability. These iterations are at the heart of what we called iterative marketing in China. Being agile does not mean following a methodology, it is rather an approach, a mindset. […]

Business Plan

A business plan is a roadmap defining corporate objectives as well as the way to achieve them. It often includes specific information on the market, 3-year cash flow projections, benchmarks of competitors and an estimation of investment needs. Our steps for writing a business plan in China Research Our consultants will research your target market […]

Marketing Advice

Marketing agencies serve clients in multiple ways to help them achieve their business goals. Daxue Consulting is a marketing agency boasting a proven expertise in the Chinese market and experience in satisfying over 300 international clients. We had the chance to work with influential multinational corporations such as Samsung, Audi, and Carrefour and helped our […]

China Market Entry Strategy

Entering a new market without previous preparation is a leap in the dark due to political risks, cultural differences, foreign exchange volatility and local peculiarities. A market entry strategy provides foreign companies with a roadmap to better understand their target market, available distribution channels, potential competitors, and long-term objectives. How to strategically plan a step-by-step […]

Business Strategy

What is your business strategy in China? How to successfully coordinate your marketing operation when entering China’s market? How to adapt your business model and client acquisition strategies in China? These are questions that any international brand should be asking when expanding their activities to China. Indeed, your business strategy in China should be in […]