Eyetracking in China

 EyeTracking in China: How to use it?

Eyetracking in China is one of the technological methodologies developed by Daxue Consulting. Our strong commitment to technological data collection and our consultant’s deep knowledge and experience of Chinese consumers’ code and patterns make Daxue Consulting a proven partner for any eyetracking project or research in China. The purpose of such a  methodology is to track and understand the behavior of Chinese consumers in specific situations. Through eyetracking in China, our China tech consulting company analyzes the patterns of your target consumers according to different displays or stimuli. The final aims can be to:

  • Highlight some conversion paths
  • Identify the most optimized call-to-actions
  • Determine usability effectiveness of website features
  • Develop actionable recommendations for website refinements of our clients and to improve usability

The material studied and tested in these eyetracking sessions are Internet websites, advertising movies, smartphone apps, advertising boards, in-store merchandising, packaging, etc. According to our experience in using eyetracking methods, all industries are interested in this service. This methodology has been used in the automotive industry, food and beverage industry, educational industries, leisure and hospitality industries, etc. Every use aims at getting further information on Chinese consumers and to implement better practices. Our teams based in Shanghai and Beijing will ensure you the best eyetracking report and interpretation, focusing on Chinese behavior. We organize studies based on a sample chosen by specific demographic requirements.  The report will contain our interpretation based on our knowledge and expertise as a China tech consulting firm. 


How to improve your conversion with Eyetracking for Chinese Consumers

Eyetracking in China is a useful tool to optimize the way people interact with your website. But remember that the goal is not to get them to see any one specific part of your page or to follow any particular path – the goal is to convert them. This is our primary focus when using eyetracking software. With this in mind, the benefits of eye tracking are as follows:

  • Prioritize Content on Your Website – Eyetracking highlights what the users see and what they ignore. By understanding how your users navigate and where they look most often, you can collect insights feed into designing the information architecture and page layout of your website to distribute your content according to business priorities.
  • Reading vs. Scanning Behaviors – Eyetracking analysis allows you to determine whether your users are reading or scanning content. Plan for scanning behaviors by providing highlighted keywords, meaningful headings, short paragraphs and scannable lists.
  • Compare Scan Patterns of Different User Groups – There are several factors that play a role in how people perceive websites, such as age, gender, and web experience to name a few. Knowing how to communicate better with your audience will lead to better user experiences and satisfied customers.
  • Assess Ease or Difficulty of Target Tasks – Eyetracking allows you to calculate the time taken to arrive at any given fixation. This can indicate how easy or difficult an element is to find. Eyetracking alongside usability testing clarifies which areas of your website are striving, and which areas need improvement.
  • Capture Data about Conscious and Unconscious Behaviors – Users take in visual information much faster than their mind can consciously process. Eyetracking devices capture where their eyes are moving and relate it to their behavioral performances. Eyetracking information collects scanning behaviors for the options they consider when completing a task. Knowing where users look during a task is helpful in revealing user expectations and usability issues. 


Eye tracking in China: How do we work?

Daxue Consulting will use eyetracking data that could be collected by different techniques.  The most frequent one is to analyze the visual path of one or more applicants across an interface such as a computer screen. All data’s observations are translated into a set of pixel coordinates. From there, the presence or absence of eye data points in different screen areas can be examined. This type of performance is used to determine which features are seen, when a particular feature captures attention, how fast the eye moves, what content is ignored, and virtually any other gaze-related question.  Eye-tracking data can be examined to measure the cognitive state and workload of a participant.

Eyetracking’s patented Index of Cognitive Activity (ICA) is among the most widely used of these metrics. It has been validated in multiple contexts as a trustworthy indicator of cerebral effort. Daxue Consulting has capabilities for eyetracking in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. It includes a specific room used as an observation center and all the technological material needed. We can then manage the full process of your research, from the setup of the project, the creation of the eyetracking guide adapted to Chinese consumers, to the final analysis and the recommendations for usability improvement. To know more about our eyetracking expertise, please contact us.

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