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Fridge market in China

In the past, we cannot store food easily, however, since fridges come into our view, the storage of food becomes possible and simple. 30 years ago, Chinese people regard “television, fridge and washing machine” as the “3 big goods” for marriage. And in the 21st century, in most families in China, no matter urban or rural might afford fridges. At the same time, the sales volume goes down in recent years owning to weak demands in the market. New trend of two-door and tri-door fridge is not only a necessary household appliance in Chinese families, restaurants and grocery stores, but also appliance to enhance people’s life quality.

Top domestic brands of fridges in China:Haier (海尔), Meiling (美菱), Frestech (新飞), Midea (美的) and Rongsheng (容声)

As we all know Haier which built up its fortunes on fridges, is founded in Qingdao (青岛), Shandong (山东) province. Meiling (美菱) is also a well-known household appliance manufacture. Located in Hefei (合肥), Meiling possesses 3 bases of production in Mianyang (绵羊), in Sichuan (四川) province and Jingdezhen (景德镇) in Jiangxi (江西) province, including Hefei (合肥). Frestech (新飞) group was founded in Henan (河南) province. Its brand value ranks No.333 among Asian brands. Midea is a brand not only concentrating on air conditioners and washing machines, but also fridges. Its sales volume of refrigerator car ranks top 3 in the Chinese industry. Rongsheng (容声)is a Guangdong (广东) company focusing on cook appliances.

International brands of fridges in China:Simens (西门子), Panasonic (松下), Samsung (三星), LG and Electrolux (伊莱克斯)

Simens (西门子), Panasonic (松下), Samsung (三星), LG and Electrolux (伊莱克斯) are those international brands of fridges. They are all among Chinese top 10 refrigerator enterprise. Simens is a German group which is one of the world’s largest electromechanical groups. They supply customers with custom-tailor service in order to meet customers’ needs and cover all the value chains. Founded by Japanese Konosuke Matsushita in 1918, now Panasonic fully deserves the tile of top 500 companies in the world. In its nearly 100 years of development, Panasonic is famous for its marketing strategy. Samsung and LG are both Korean giants. Electrolux is a Swedish wiring company and the world’s largest kitchen equipment supplier. It was founded in Sweden and its headquarter is in Stockholm. It was very hard the first time Electrolux came to China due to ignorance of Chinese market.