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The secret to how CHIOTURE grew by 500 million RMB, nearly three-fold, in one year

Chioture China market strategy

CHIOTURE (稚优泉) is a Chinese cosmetics brand that focuses on becoming a “Global Cosmetic Fashion Catcher”. It is committed to customizing exclusive makeup for every individual. CHIOTURE integrates trendy colors and eyes-catching elements to create a creative cosmetic brand full of vitality “Lifestyle”. Source: CHIOTURE, Brand logo The transformation of CHIOTURE From 2017 to 2018: […]

Chando: How this Chinese beauty brand continues to thrive in China’s rising beauty sector

Chando market strategy

Chando is a Chinese beauty brand founded in 2001 by the International Beauty Group Garan. Since then, it has been consistently considered as one of the top players in the domestic beauty market. During T-mall’s 2019 11/11 event, Chando was the top-performing domestic beauty brand with a 498 Million Yuan sales revenue. This is the fourth time Chando has […]

Marie Dalgar: a Chinese cosmetic brand gaining international momentum

Marie Dalgar: Chinese cosmetics brand

Masa Cui (崔晓红), an engineer for a lighting factory in Foshan, Guangdong Province, grew tired of her boring working environment. So, she brought color to her work life by founding her makeup brand Marie Dalgar, which is now rising quickly to be one of the top domestic Chinese cosmetics brands. History of Marie Dalgar In […]

China’s soap market is dominated by foreign brands

China's soap market

Overview of China’s soap market: which opportunities for foreign brands? In China, where the population has reached 1.4 billion in 2020, 23.68 units of soap are consumed annually per person. The market is subject to a consumption upgrade as the disposable incomes of Chinese rise and consumers look for quality. Other trends include the increasing […]

Market research: Clothes for children in China

According to Frost & Sullivan, a US-based market consultancy, annual spending per household on children’s products in urban China increased from $288 in 2005 to $663 in 2009 and is expected to reach $1,256 by the end of next year. Data from the consultancy Euromonitor shows the market value of children’s clothes in China reached 84.6 […]

Distribution: Ice cream in China

Competition in China’s ice cream sector is turning red hot as market players are unveiling their bold expansion plans. International and domestic brands are well-armed with various production, marketing and distribution tactics for the looming war that will determine the nation’s ice cream king. The odds-on favourites to scope up the title as top ice […]

Sports shoes market in China

When it comes to sports shoes, one must segment the market: Athletic Footwear (Aerobic, Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Cross-Training, Soccer, Running, Tennis, Walking, Hiking, Hockey, Athleisure & others), Outdoor/Rugged, Casual, Dress/Formal and Footwear Accessories. China has become the world’s largest production base and exporter of shoes, thanks to the fast growing shoe industry. The Chinese shoe […]

Fridge market in China

In the past, we cannot store food easily, however, since fridges come into our view, the storage of food becomes possible and simple. 30 years ago, Chinese people regard “television, fridge and washing machine” as the “3 big goods” for marriage. And in the 21st century, in most families in China, no matter urban or […]

Auto market in China

Beijing, July 27 (IANS) China’s auto sales are likely to hit 20 million units in 2012 if the economy picks up momentum in the second half, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) said. Total vehicle sales in China will expand by around 8 percent from a year earlier, CAAM said in a report Thursday. […]

Market study: beer in China

Nowadays, China’s consumption of beer ranks higher than any other country in the world. Tsingtao Beer(青岛啤酒), Snow Beer(雪花啤酒), Yanjing Beer(燕京啤酒), Budweiser(百威啤酒), Shancheng Beer(山城啤酒), Pearl River Beer(珠江啤酒), Harbin Beer(哈尔滨啤酒), Kingway Beer(金威啤酒), Sedrin Beer(雪津啤酒) and King Star Beer(金星啤酒): Out of these top 10 selling beers in China, 9 of them are Chinese domestic brands. Chinese beer has […]