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Harbin Beer in China

Harbin Beer in China

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Matthieu David

Matthieu was educated at ESSEC Business School, where he first encountered the ideas behind Daxue’s innovative model, and it was at the prestigious Peking University that he found a way to apply them to China. With long experience in finance and consulting, he’s provided services in China to over 100 clients, and has been widely quoted in media outlets including Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Technode, TechinAsia, Israeli press and Peking University Press, as well as on BFM Radio.

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Michal - March 21, 2017

founded in 1900 not exactly by russian businessman. The name of the person was Jan Wróblewski – typical polish name and surname. Wróblewski came to China – along with many expats workers that came to many assignments, major one being build up of railroad.
He founded brewery to satisfy fellow Europeans in their thirst for beer. Possibly, because he was in minority – and perhaps worked for russians, or catered to their sense of familiarity, he was named/name in russian language equivalent – so it is possible that to the official documents of company incorporation that name came in.
The fact is that Wróblewski was born in Tarczyn – close to Warsaw, which at that time was under short occupation – but from cultural point of view it is Poland for many centuries.

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