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Chinese cities presenting the best opportunities

This map presents Chinese cities based on their best-ranked growing opportunities, according to a survey led by PwC and the China Development Research Foundation (2020).

  • Intellectual capital and innovation – Beijing, the leader in R&D, and Guangzhou: stand out by their higher education and share the first place here.
  • Technical maturity – Shenzhen: assesses how interconnected a city is 
  • Urban resilience – Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area: assesses a city’s capacity to manage public health, natural disasters, and safety.
  • Transportation and urban planning: Shenzhen and Nanjing ex aequo.
  • Sustainable development: Shenzhen – takes into consideration the environment and population development. 
  • Culture and quality of life: Shanghai – evaluates the quality of life and access to culture.
  • Economic clout: Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu represent the top three.
  • Cost: Hohhot – examines the cost of living and having a business there is relatively low.
  • Ease of doing business: Shenzhen – refers to a city’s soft power in attracting investors and incubating start-ups. 
Opportunity map in China (1)