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intellectual property rights in China

Daxue Talks 1: Protecting intellectual property rights in China, advice from a business lawyer

Intellectual property rights in China

In the first episode of Daxue Talks, we welcome Nicolas Coster, a French business lawyer who specializes in foreign direct investment. In this China business vlog, Coster answers questions related to IP protection in China.

Jump to the questions:

  • 0:40 About IP protection, what is the process to get your brand name protected?
  • 1:07 How can you win an IP lawsuit in China?
  • 1:33 Is video considered as evidence in China and can it be used in trial?
  • 1:52 Can you share any stories of foreign companies failing to protect their IP? What can we learn from them? What are some surprising aspects that foreign firms were not aware of that led to blowbacks?

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