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Foreign tech investments in China: paving the path to self-sufficiency

foreign tech investment in China

The Chinese tech industry’s global prominence has surged, driven by factors such as government support, a vast domestic market, and a culture of entrepreneurship. Companies like Huawei, Tencent, Alibaba, and Xiaomi have risen to international prominence in sectors such as telecommunications, e-commerce, gaming, and artificial intelligence. Foreign tech investments in China have played a crucial […]

An illustration of the complexity of the Chinese economy

Beijing Stock Exchange

As China rapidly becomes a world leader, the Western press has always tried to put the country’s economy in a bad light. This often involves highlighting the negative aspects of the Chinese economy. However, this vision generates a distorted perception of China’s real development. Besides, these opinion does not match with the reality of facts, […]

China Paradigm 122: Angel-investing in China with a 26% compound return

Angel-investing in China

Angel-investing in China with a 26% compound return In this episode of China Paradigm, we interview Philip Beck. Philip Beck – 贝曦贤 is an Australian-born entrepreneur who’s been living and working in China since 2005. After 32 years across Asia-Pacific (1976-2008) as CEO and/or COO of publicly-listed international 4A’s media agencies and recruitment companies, Philip […]

Beijing’s Economy: What to understand about growth in the capital city

Beijing's Economy

What foreign companies need to know about the economy of Beijing As the capital city of the most populous nation on Earth, Beijing plays an important role in China’s economy. With a consumer base of more than 20 million, Beijing has become more and more important for foreign companies in many industries. For anyone looking […]

Daxue Talks 56: Corporate dormancy as an official legal status in China

corporate dormancy

Corporate dormancy in China In this China business vlog, Nicolas Coster, a French business lawyer, talks about the idea of corporate dormancy as an official legal status in China and discusses the pros and cons of this status. Jump to the questions: 00:27 When it is necessary to terminate a company you can also choose […]

Market research: FDI in China

FDI is defined as the direct investment into production in a country by a company located in another country, either by buying a company in the target country or by expanding operations of an existing business in that country. FDI in China: features The distribution of sources where FDI in China comes from is influenced […]