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Daxue Consulting - Juhuasuan Campaign

Juhuasuan brings winter sports into the Chinese new year

On January 4th, 2022, just one month before the Beijing Winter Olympics, a video called “When I think of skiing, I think of you” (一想到滑雪,就想到你) was released for the Winter Olympic Games by Juhuasuan (聚划算, a marketing platform for Alibaba Group). Juhuasuan is the official e-commerce partner for this year’s Beijing Winter Olympic Games. On the first day of launching the video, the Weibo hashtag for this campaign “When I think of Skiing, I think of you” has attracted more than 20.3 million views. Netizens expressed their praise for this campaign.

Daxue Consulting - Juhuasuan Campaign - Juhuasuan posters
Source: Juhuasuan Weibo Official, Life and skiing scenes in Juhuasuan poster

The campaign video featured short stories of family gatherings and reunions with the aesthetic of winter. It echoes the Winter Olympics goal to reach 300 million people to engage in winter sports (a goal of Beijing General Administration of Sports, 北京体育总局in Chinese), introducing the public into the world of ice and snow.

Daxue Consulting - Juhuasuan Campaign
Source: Juhuasuan promotional video “When I think of skiing, I think of you”

The Chinese New Year is a time for family gatherings.  Scenes of family reunions such as families having hotpots and watching movies together from the campaign have specifically touched viewers. As some Chinese people have not been able to reunite with their families during CNY due to the pandemic. However, this campaign further evoked this tradition by advocating family reunions with ski resorts, suggesting that Chinese people can diversify reunion activities such as taking part in winter sports, which subtly highlights the Olympic Games.

Apart from this warm video, Juhuasuan also designed Winter Olympic-themed games on its web pages on the Taobao APP (Juhuasuan operates as a separate sector on the Taobao APP). Seven Winter Olympic sports such as skiing and ice hockey are included in the game, while users can win Red Packets (红包 in Chinese, a CNY tradition with money inside a red envelope) by taking part in the games on Juhuasuan’s webpage. As a result, these games have improved customer stickiness on the platform.

Likewise, the Juhuasuan website has recorded a 17% increase in interaction times just 3 days after the launch of the games. In addition, Yili (伊利, a Chinese dairy brand), the main sponsor of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games 2022, has also achieved a surge in transaction volume of 224% as well as an increase of 206% in UV (Unique Visitor – measures the webpage visiting times, usually one IP address means one UV) during the campaign period.

Daxue Consulting - Juhuasuan Campaign - Ice games in Juhuasuan APP
Source: Juhuasuan pages on Taobao APP, Ice and snow sports games in Juhuasuan