Junior Entreprise in China (Shanghai – Beijing – Guangzhou)

What is Junior entreprise in China ?

Junior enterprises are established with the idea of working closely and professionally with students who manage these companies and are in charge of the operations. Most often these enterprises are founded by the students themselves. Junior enterprises are characterized by their close partnership with universities and their ability to reach out to students with ease and in a short period of time for executing project-based professional work. Most of the project-based work is research-related as students are equipped with the flexibility to conduct on-site research or off-site research. Be it an interview with an industrial professional, doing mystery shopping or stock check, or textual research, their student identity as well as their flexibility allow them to perform effectively and with less difficulty. In return, these students are able to acquire professional working experience from the junior enterprises, creating a mutual-benefiting environment for both the enterprise and the students. With more than 40 years of history, junior enterprises have proved their worth and their uniqueness in being able to delivering work achieved with a high quality with a much lower cost.

Daxue Consulting is the first junior entreprise based in Beijing

Daxue Consulting, the first junior enterprise based in Beijing, China, serves as a very good example for us to understand the uniqueness of a junior enterprise and how it is able to execute numerous quality market research projects. Daxue Consulting was founded in the campus of the Beijing University in 2009 by a French and former member of Junior Essec Conseil, the very first junior enterprise in the world with 1.5 million euro turnover and 250 projects a year at present. Following the values ingrained in a junior enterprise, Daxue Consulting is able to deliver the most cost-effective market solutions to its clients. Combining professionalism and creativity, Daxue Consulting recruits and mobilizes the best students from a long list of top-ranked universities in China to execute market research in a dynamic, rigorous and precise manner within the framework of the business model of a junior enterprise catered to the China context.

Daxue Consulting is able to reach out to undergraduates and postgraduates in various Chinese cities and has conducted more than 50 projects for clients who are MNCs and SMEs. The sectors in which market research has been conducted are: the wine industry, food and beverage, water treatment, industrial sectors, the internet sector, clothes industry and more recently, the government institutions such as the European Union. The research methods that Daxue Consulting employs are of a wide range. Each of our market study is unique and the most pertinent research methods are selected to best suit the needs of the clients. These research methods include: focus groups, mystery shopping, store-check, desk research, primary research secondary research and business planning. Daxue Consulting is dedicated to assisting the clients in their projects and development by offering professional marketing consultancy.

Daxue Consulting accepts a budget of 500 euros for data collection to several thousands, making us the most cost-effective market research company in China.Junior Entreprise in China (Shanghai - Beijing - Guangzhou)


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