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Context of the market research

Our client is a luxury brand company, selling high-class furniture internationally. As China’s middle class buying power has skyrocket this past few years, our client’s recent growth in China forecast a great potential. Therefore, it is crucial for our client, a luxury brand, to focus on their strategy in China. They asked our consultant to help them plan and develop their online strategy in order to attract more and more customers in the Chinese market.

Phase 1: Desk research

In phase 1 of the market research, our consultants scanned the Internet, magazines as well as relevant databases in order to get as much relevant information for a luxury brand in China as possible. A research grid had been used to guide the research. As a result, through this extensive research, our consultants collected important information such as the reputation of the brand in the Chinese market, the existing competitors, the different segments needing improvement in the online marketing of the brand, and so on.

Phase 2: Qualitative interviews

In this step of the project, our consultants interviewed 20 persons including competitors and professors in the luxury field and digital strategy.

Phase 3: Focus groups

In step 3 of the study, we performed 6 focus groups in Shanghai and Beijing. We were able to collect qualitative information such as consumers’ habits and psychology, purchasing decisions factors, etc.

Phase 4: Store-checks and mystery shopping

In phase 4, our consultants performed 30 store-checks in different cities: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and Hangzhou. We chose 1st tier cities as well as 2nd tier cities in order to be able to draw a comparison afterwards.

Phase 5: In-house interviews

In-house interviews are particularly relevant for this project not only because affluent people rarely have time to waste but also mostly because going into their house gives our consultants the unique opportunity to see what furniture they actually buy for their house.

Phase 6: Analysis and synthesis

Through our comprehensive research and analysis of all the information we were able to gather, our consultants manage to suggest our client different segments of improvement for their online strategy. Our consultants provided a detailed analysis of the market, giving our client the key information he needed to pursue his development in China.


Luxury Brands Strategy in China

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