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Panpipe China

Market of music in China : the Panpipe market

What’s panpipe?

Panpipe China
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Panpipe is a music instrument deriving from ethnic Han in ancient China. It’s a primitive wind instrument consisting of several parallel pipes bound together.

Market of Panpipe Overview

Market Size

There are more than 16 suppliers in the panpipe industry. About 37.5% of them are dealers and wholesalers and rest 62.5% of them has their own brands that are independent research and development.

In the year of 2013, the total production in China of the panpipe in sales volume is 8308785 yuan, and the sales volume of export is 3419850 yuan, that means almost 41.16% are export.

Here is the chart reflecting the proportion of export in sales volume.

Panpipe market China

Key trends driving demand

There are less and less people making good command of Chinese ethnic music instruments, and panpipe, which partly stand for Chinese heritage, attach more importance. The Chinese central government is paying much attention to the ethnic heritage, so more and more courses of panpipe are being set up in the school to improve Chinese ethnic culture.

Target Customer

China_Panpipe market distribution

The target customer in the panpipe industry can be divided into 4 groups, including musical instrument store, music professional, school (not professional) and science & technology museum. The proportion of target customer in quantity of sale is as the right picture. 

It’s clearly that although the music professionals take the less percentage in quantity, thanks to its high unit price, it still takes the majority in sales volume. 

What kind of panpipe attracts their specific customer?

According to the primary data collection from the contact person, it can be found that the panpipe for science and technology museum is more expensive than the others because its raw material is steel and aluminum, and only this kind of raw material can meet the requirement of JY0001-2003 standard from ministry of education.

The price ranging from 580yuan to 1117.8yuan of panpipe are prepared for specific music professionals because they have at least 22 to 24 parallel pipes. Playing with this kind of panpipe can own more wonderful sound quality than those have less number of parallel pipes. And its raw material is bitter bamboo, the panpipe using this kind of bamboo looks full of gloss than the other one, so it’s suitable for playing in the stage.

The quality of panpipe for school(not professional) and for musical instrument stores are various because those kind of customer playing it only for entertainment and promoting Chinese ethnic culture. So they couldn’t pay much attention to the quality of panpipe and its aesthetics.

Source : CNN / Huff Post China / Consultancy China