Market research and consulting in China by Daxue Consulting

Daxue Consulting is the first junior entreprise in China as for the date of creation, the number of projects handled, the cumulated experience of its consultants and turnover. Daxue market research and data-collection agency was created in late 2009 on the campus of Peking university by a group of MBAs from Guanghua School of management. At that time, this group of MBAs believed that market research could be done during their studies by MBAs, PhDs, CPAs, CFAs, but also bachelors for a very competitive price. This would make it possible to provide data to SME and MNC which are not willing to pay the pricing of global consulting firms and want to focus on data-collection. Even though, this is not a new idea as it is known in Europe as “junior entreprise” and was originally created in 1967 in France at Essec business school, it was a challenge to create and manage a junior entreprise with Chinese characteristics.

Step by step, the company got more and more organized and gathered a team of professional consultants managing part-time students all over China. At the same time, Daxue developed precise methodologies to collect data (store-check, focus group, online sentiment analysis, mystery shopping, documentary research, business plan, employee survey, qualitative interview, market entry strategy in China, for instance) but stayed focus on its core business: providing accurate data from the Chinese market through tailor-made and on-demand research. Meanwhile, Daxue has developed a network of partners helping its clients from the registration of a company (WFOE or WOFE) in China and the start up of a business in China to the retail location through professional simultaneous translation, article editing, SEO, website creation, accounting, interior design, strategic consulting, food & beverage providers, event agency, PR planning, English editing etc. Through this network of partners, Daxue Consulting ensures that their clients will find all the contacts and help they need in order to enter and develop into the Chinese market from experienced reliable partners to do business in China.

As for now, in 2012, Daxue Consulting has been working with more than 800 students all over China to perform market research and data-collection. Daxue has worked for consulting firms in China to outsource parts of their projects as well as entrepreneurs who want to start a business in China, Food & beverage companies, retail businesses in China, China import and export business,  or industrial groups and international businesses in China. We have been proud to help companies on how to do business in China and catch business opportunities in China to adapt to the business culture of China as well as in more subtile way to fit with the business etiquette in China.

As a conclusion, Daxue consulting can be seen as the most cost-effective market research in China. Sourcing students’ brains from top Chinese universities to complete market research through well-kown methodologies such as documentary research in China, store-checks in China, focus groups in China, interviews, benchmarks, all of them at a very competitive price thanks to our business model and our localization in China. Each of our project is tailor-made and goes with adapted technological smart tools.