Market research China 2nd and tier cities

Market research China 2nd and tier cities

Daxue Consulting leverage the benefit of a large network of University covering all China to offer its client Market research in each city that might be targeted in China, as no one of the other market research firm can do in China. Daxue Consulting is investing regularly in 2nd-tier cities in order to get acquire insights the existing opportunities in the targeted cities.

These studies aim to enable our customers to have a better understanding of the markets in 2nd-tier cities and to provide point of access to distribution networks in China. Our project managers provide recommendations that are as operational as possible, regarding their experience of each of these cities and our strong network of which covers all of China.

Daxue Consulting provide not only market research in Shanghai and Beijing, but also market research in Qingdao, Shenzhen, Jinan, Harbin, Xi’an and all the cities across China.

Methodologies for Market research China 2nd tier cities

To conduct a market research in Beijing and Shanghai, Daxue Consulting usually use a variety of methodologies. Our network and our managing project experience allow us to provide the very same methodology in 2nd and tier cities in China :

Delivery for a marketing research in 2nd-tier cities

The recommendations resulting from a market research will be delivered with a certain number of documents, in particular:

Some references for market research projects

Daxue Consulting recently realized the following market research projects in 2nd and tier cities in China:

Price of the services for a market research project

The market research is charged on a day-study/person basis between 500 and 3000 RMB (55 and 330 euros). The minimum price for a study is 5,000 RMB (550 euros). Some research projects may reach up to 500,000 RMB (50,000 euros) especially when the study is part of a long-term contract. Focus groups, mystery shopping, store-checks are some of the research methodologies used by Daxue Consulting.

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