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Market Research on Avene in China

Avene is a relatively young brand with less than ten years of history. It originates from Cevennes in Southwest France. The products of Avene are categorized as comeceuticals – the products that lie between pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and they are called functional cosmetics in China. Now, Avene has products for women’s and men’s skin care, and also skin care for babies. Avene entered China in 2004, and has become one of the leading brands in medical skin care products.

Avene’s Advertisement

Asian females have always complained about their skins- they are too sensitive. Also, despite people’s efforts in caring for the environment, it is still worsening, and people face worse and worse living conditions. Also, there is radiation from telephones and computers, which also increased the likelihood that skin problems may happen. As a young and new brand, Avene receives welcome in China, mostly because of its magical function in caring for sensitive skin. Problems like splashes and uneven skin tones. Avene holds interactive activities where many medias are invited to have product trials. Also, at such events, professionals of Avene also introduce some useful knowledge to people who attend. This greatly increased its popularity.

Avene has several special contributions to the comeceuticals industry in China. Firstly, it gives the most thorough study into the types of sensitive skins, and has treatment plans for each of the skin types. Secondly, Avene participates in many public welfare activities. For example, Avene invites the best professors in China to holds free classes for kids who have dermatitis. No product is sold during the whole process. Also, it sends several kids to its headquarters in France for free treatment.

Avene Online

As the only cosmetic brand that uses active spring water as its material, Avene published its client app for both IOS and Android, providing the users of smart phones with the convenience to get to know its products. By using the client app, consumers can freely see the information of its newest products and newest price discounts. Also, consumers can run online skin tests to find out their own skin types, and get a personal skin care plan. In addition, in the newly added sector for members, consumers can see their vantages.  What is more, consumers can conveniently look for special counters of Avene, and buy genuine Avene products quickly.

With the popularization of smart phones and the increase in the number of smart phone users, more and more products will choose to launch their own clinet apps. Avene, which is a pioneer in this sector, has benefited a lot.

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Credit Photo: Nipic