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Mini Cooper China

Mini Cooper in China

Mini Cooper in China

In October 1961, the world’s first Mini Cooper was launched by BMC (British Motor Corporation, the combination of Morris Motor Company and Austin Motor Company). The new Mini Cooper produced by BMW has gained the current market of the young generation. In 2003, Mini Cooper entered China market.

Pricing strategy of Mini Cooper in China

Mini Cooper in China

Mini Cooper 1.2L /75kW turbocharged

2014      1.2T ONE                                             205,000RMB

2014      1.2T ONE+                                          225,000RMB

Mini Cooper 1.5L /100kW turbocharged

2014      1.5T COOPER Fun                                                             255,000RMB

2014      1.5T COOPER Excitement                               285,000RMB

Mini Cooper 2.0L /141kW turbocharged

2014      2.0T COOPER S Fun                                                          305,000RMB

2014      2.0T COOPER S Excitement                                            335,000RMB

Sales figure in China

Mini Cooper China

2010 1st & 2nd Quarter sales: 75,615 BMW and mini cars were delivered to customers. This means a 101% growth compared with last year;

Mini brand set a sales record of 4,469 vehicles in 2010 1st & 2nd Quarter, far more than last year’s total sales. Thus China replaced Britain as the 3rd largest market of the BMW Group globally.

During the first 6 months of 2011, the BMW China market continues to maintain its high growth. Sales of BMW and mini cars grew up to a total of 121,614 vehicles, with an increase of 60.8%, which made BMW become the fastest growing brand in China vehicle market.

In 2012, Mini Cooper sales 66,123 cars in China.

To conclude, in the 1st quarter of 2014, BMW Group set up a new record in the Mainland China market: Delivering a total of 107,951 BMW and mini Cooper cars, an increase by 25.4% compared with the same period in 2013.

Production of Mini Copper sold in China market

Now, Mini-Cooper series are produced in Germany.

It has been claimed that new Mini Cooper cars in China will be put into production in 2015, in Shenyang Tiexi factory. BMW is currently promoting the capacity of factories in China, for the production of its small cars.

Marketing issues for Mini Cooper in China

Who buys the Mini in China?

Mini is quite popular for women at the national level in China; it appears that 90% of mini cars are driven by middle class women. Therefore, Mini Models probably appeal to females rather than males due to being consistent with women’s mind.

Which other models/ brands compete with Mini ?

Vauxhall Junior, FCA 500, Benz smart fortwo, Toyota IQ, Audi A1

Which demographic segment is Mini targeting here?

Main target market is middle-class young female oriented.

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