Our online market research service is tailored for every particular research need. We do not have a standard process, as we pay close attention to working with your staff on every step of the online survey in China, and we guarantee to deliver the most adapted and suitable information for your project. Our online survey methodology and our significant respondent’s sample size allow us to target the right profile according to your business needs and issues.

As an experienced China tech consulting firm, Daxue Consulting provides you with in-house service for every step of your research project in China:

Our multi-language staff is involved in each step of the process. We design online questionnaires in Chinese, English, and French and we manage local projects such as online surveys in Shanghai or online surveys in Beijing including:

How Daxue Consulting recruits participants for your online survey in China?

A common problem when conducting an online survey in China is finding the right respondents and collecting enough responses so that you have enough data to make informed decisions.When we look for online survey participants, we first start with your demographic criteria and the number of responses you need. We search for a panel company that specializes in the niche you are looking for so that you get the best possible results. When figuring out the best sample size for your online survey, we focus on three core aspects: The population size, the level of accuracy (a 5% margin of error is most commonly used), and confidence level, (a95% confidence level is most commonly used).

Data-cleaning is key for your online research in China

Data cleaning can be a time-consuming process, but well worth the effort to ensure that invalid and biased responses are removed. We look for data inconsistencies such as straight-lining, Christmas-tree behavior, and other data inconsistencies as these are often indicators of poor data quality. Our data analysts never introduce their biases with working on the analysis. Furthermore, we utilize an advanced survey tool that has an automated data cleaning feature which helps eliminate personal bias when interpreting the data.

Data cleaning of online surveys usually involves categorizing answers to open-ended questions and multiple-choice questions that include an “other; please specify” response. Because of their these open-ended response style questions, they can provide significant value but are often impossible to process without some form of summarization or tabulation. One of the easiest ways China tech consulting teams can summarize these questions is to build a list of themes and select the themes that apply as you read each response.

Daxue Consulting’s teams validate, format, and analyze your online survey in China data results

After receiving the data from the online survey, our experts get to work analyzing the data and finding the information useful for our clients. This is an important and exciting step in the survey process. It’s at this point that the data may reveal important facts about your customers, uncover trends that you might not otherwise have known existed, or provide irrefutable facts to support your plans. By doing in-depth data comparisons, our clients can begin to identify relationships between various data that will help them understand more about their respondents, and guide them towards better decisions.

Analyzing any survey, web or traditional, consists of some interrelated processes that are intended to summarize, arrange, and transform data into information. If you need to analyze the data collected from your survey, the process begins with a quick review of the results, followed by editing, analysis, and reporting. Daxue Consulting utilizes the following China tech consulting methods when analyzing survey data:

China technology consulting services

With a proven track record in conducting effective and cost-efficient online survey in China, we look forward to working with you to help your business thrive.  

Online surveys in China

The marketing principle is to know your customer and your market. For a foreign company in China, the importance of this principle grows as the cultural difference can lead to many business and commercial issues and fierce competition. In this environment, any exclusive information can lead you to take an advantageous position over your competitors. Furthermore, innovative and well-targeted methodologies can bring you this opportunity. Online market research and online surveys are the most cost-efficient tools used to gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

Online surveys in China are a methodology which uses the internet to gather data and information about the market, the competition, and the consumers. This is an innovative and fresh part of the market research discipline. It has been enhanced with the growth of social media as not only the level of difficulty but also the number of opportunities have been multiplied. This is especially the case in China, where the whole online environment is different from western countries. Thus, our staff can help to answer such business questions as which elements are crucial for developing your activity in China such as: How to sell on Taobao or Tmall? How should you use Chinese social networking services?Online market research in China is a crucial tool for each foreign company.

Online survey in China is essential for businesses

Information delivered by our online market survey can help you identify trends which will place you ahead of the competition and assist you with making the right decisions to get better results.

The online survey methodology is affordable for a company of any size that needs to gather essential information about their market, their customers, and their prospects. It includes the necessary basic knowledge of their target as well as valuable consumer insights, and even the potential areas for further growth.

Each of our handwritten surveys is aimed to help your business thrive; as such, all our questions are created with your business objectives in mind. Along with that, Daxue employs some experts who help make sure that the questions avoid many common mistakes that other surveys often include. No matter the language, we make sure our surveys don’t contain any of the following:

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Feel free to contact our team of China consultants if you have any question about our methodologies or China technology consulting services.

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