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Brand Health Check

A healthy brand is the hallmark of a company’s success. Brand health check in China is essential to follow the evolution of a brand among consumers. The check must be done on an ongoing basis and must always be communicated internally so that all employees are aware of it.

Brand health check in China measures the performance of a brand and identifies its success/failures in the Chinese market. The Chinese market is now becoming more and more volatile, and competition is getting fiercer from both local and foreign brand. Vaunting a healthy brand is key to conquering the Chinese market and surviving tough competition.

Brand equity is the intangible value of a particular company or product based on consumers’ perception of the brand name. Many factors contribute to brand equity including advertising, consumer reviews, and advertising.

Our steps for monitoring brand health in China


Our team will help you assess your brand awareness, reputation, positioning and engagement in China, both online and offline.


Our consultants will collect qualitative data through focus groups and engage in constant social listening.


We will use various proven methodologies to help you analyze customers’ feedback in China to understand their needs and complaints.


After checking your brand health, our team will finally organize data into a report aimed at enhancing your branding strategy in China.

What Brand Health Check brings you

Improve your brand

A brand health check helps you know the current state of your company and implement some necessary improvements.

Seize new opportunities

A healthy brand in China will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors and serves as the bottom line for accessing new markets.

Enhance customer loyalty

Measuring brand health on a regular basis guarantees a significant impact on consumer awareness and customer loyalty.

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