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Market analysis: Paris Baguette in China

Background of Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette is the top baking brand of Korea’s oldest food company, SPC Group, South Korea. The company currently has over 1500 stores throughout South Korea, the United States ( Los Angeles, New York), China (Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin). Paris Baguette is mainly engaged in making authentic French bread, fresh sandwiches, delicious cake, and pure coffee. Paris Baguette aims to provide consumers with healthy and delicious products using its 60-years of baking experience and new advanced materials. SPC Group is made up of five main food subsidiaries, including Paris Boutique, Amelie, Tamati, Pascucci, Baskin Robbins Korea and other 13 well-known brands all over the world. The group has more than 2,500 stores around the world. Paris Baguette is Korea’s best-known and most popular bakery brand.

Current situation in Chinese market

According to a market analysis of Pairs Baguette in China, the company has more than 50 locations in four cities in China, which are Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Hangzhou. Currently, Paris Baguette predominately focuses on tier-1 cities in China, especially in Beijing and Shanghai, which occupy almost 85% Paris Baguette’s market in China .

Marketing concept of Paris Baguette in China

Paris Baguette’s marketing concept can be summarized with the acronym, QFICS.

Quality: Paris Baguette only produces the highest quality baked goods using the best raw materials and auxiliary materials, equipment, technology and service.

Freshness: Paris Baguette’s bread must always be in a fresh and healthy state. Products must be made on the spot and be sold out in time on the same day that it is produced. Distribution happens twice a day. And the stores must make sure that the employees are in a good health and mental state.

Item: Paris Baguette always produce new kinds of baked goods. This can be realized by expanding the rate of adoption of new products and maintaining the lowest production of all varieties.

Cleanliness: Paris Baguette ensures the stores are clean at all times.

Service: Paris Baguette always offers the best service.

Main Competitors of Paris Baguette in China ( 85℃, Paul and ILU )

85℃85℃ officially entered Shanghai in March 6, 2007. The company already has more than 340 stores in Taiwan. It belongs to the lower-middle price, better suited for the tastes of the younger generation. The launch of the specialty bread includes Julius Caesar, cheese balls, small cuttlefish.

Paul: Paul is the most expensive of the four bakeries, but is an authentic French bakery. The launch of the specialty bread includes croissants, chocolate cream puffs, raspberry tarts, chocolate pastry, and baguettes.

Ilu: Ilu is mainly known for its multi-grain breads. The bakery targets health fanatics looking to enjoy healthier bread. The launch of the specialty bread includes grains dried fruit, red beans and grains, Midsummer wild berry, cuttlefish Bacon.

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