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data analytics in China

China Paradigm 111: Using analytics to make data relevant in China

Data analytics in China

Matthieu David interviews Carole Gabay, Analytics Manager & Market analytics consultant. Insightful market analysis is really important in order to accurately determine consumer behavior and make solid market strategies. Carole Gabay has been doing market analysis for 25 years and her skills in this field have been honed and perfected based on a strong professional experience. Her latest project is called What exactly does this project shed light on and how did it come to be? How is the approach to market analysis different for China compared to the rest of the world? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this new China Paradigm interview.

  • 0:00 Guest introduction
  • 2:21 What projects is Carole Gabay working on currently and how does she describe the term “market analytics capabilities”?
  • 7:23 What insightful tool does Carole Gabay use for market analysis?
  • 10:51 How is market analysis different for China compared to the rest of the world?
  • 14:04 The China drug market – worth tracking of healthcare insurance agencies come to the market
  • 16:15 How did came to be?
  • 20:14 How did Carole Gabay approach the COVID-19 impact analysis?
  • 23:34 The COVID-19 epidemic – quantitative analysis vs qualitative analysis
  • 29:13 Testing – an important variable to take into account when analyzing the COVID-19 epidemic on a global scale
  • 31:55 How does weather impact the coronavirus spread?
  • 36:05 Lockdown policy – easier to enforce in some countries and harder in others
  • 39:47 COVID-19 spread in Israel – a brief case study
  • 41:33 – choosing the everyday topic
  • 43:18 Learning from mistakes – refining collected data on the coronavirus is crucial for research institutes
  • 44:43 What books gave inspired Carole Gabay in her professional journey?
  • 46:35 What does Carole Gabay read to stay up to date on China?
  • 47:41 What book about China would Carole Gabay recommend?
  • 51:45 What success or failure has Carole Gabay witnessed in China that could have an impact on Chinese society?
  • 55:50 Outro

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We believe, that China, with 20% of world population and as the second world economy, is impacting every single business, small to big. That is why it is a new paradigm. How does China impact your business is the ultimate question we will answer through those podcasts.

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