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Market report: Park Hyatt in China

Park Hyatt: the luxury hotel‘s standard

Park Hyatt be an unfamiliar name for most consumers, but among those in the upper class, its reputation of low-key luxuriousness is extolled. Ever since it was founded, it has received world-wide recognition for its quality services. Condé Nast Traveler, the famous American travelling magazine, named it one of the best ‘Ten Domestic and International Hotel Brands’, and Global Traveler called it ‘the Best Business Hotel’. Also, it was named one of the palace hotels by the royal family of France.

There are now only 30 Park Hyatt hotels in the world. All of them are located in the downtown areas of the world’s fashion capitals such as Chicago(芝加哥), Washington D.C.(华盛顿),Tokyo(东京), Sydney(悉尼), Melbourne(墨尔本), and Madrid(马德里). Its elegant interior design and attentive service are especially suitable for small scale meetings or banquets. Also, the design for the hotel takes the local culture into consideration and no two Park Hyatt hotels look exactly alike.

Park Hyatt’s business in China

There are now four Park Hyatt hotels in China.

The Park Hyatt in Beijing(北京) is located in core of the central business district. It lies close to the interchange subway station of subway line 1 and line 10. It was the first Park Hyatt hotel built in China. Now, it has become the new landmark building of Chang’an Street(长安街).

The Park Hyatt hotel in Shanghai(上海) is in Shanghai’s World Financial Center. Interestingly, it is now the world’s highest hotel, with a height of over 400 meters. Tony Chi, a Chinese designer who is one of the most successful interior designers in New York, designed the interior of Shanghai Park Hyatt. His revolved the design around the design of a Chinese private house.

The Ningbo(宁波) Park Hyatt is located near Dongqian Lake(东钱湖) and has a total area of 100 thousand square meters. The total investment was about 1.3 billion yuan. Its coming to Ningbo will raise Ningbo’s place in China’s travelling hotel business.

The Guangzhou(广州) Park Hyatt lies in the newest area of downtown Guangzhou and is connected to the subway station. It architectural design was designed by the famous American company Goettsch Partners and its interior was designed by Super Potato Company in Japan. Apart from the guest rooms, restaurants, and bars, the Guangzhou Park Hyatt also offers its customers spa facilities, fitness facilities and a 1,600 square meter indoor swimming pool.

Another market: Qingdao(青岛)

In October 20, 2012, the Park Hyatt opened its fifth location in Qingdao. It is also located downtown and is close to other luxury hotels. Whether this location will be as successful as the other four locations is still unknown.

Daxue Consulting Market Report in China


Picture Source:Diandian