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pricing strategy in the Chinese market

Is pricing strategy a key to the success of your product in the Chinese market?

Daxue Consulting CEO, Matthieu David gives insight on the methodologies used to decide a pricing strategy in China.

As an example, methodologies include a comprehensive price audit of the product categories, both through store checks and online marketplace and e-commerce scrapping.

Benchmarking metrics of key market players, along with brands from different sectors but offering similar revenue generation model in China.

End-consumer research through focus groups, and in-depth interviews with local professionals.

What else? … Let’s see!

Among all the aspects, pricing plays a vital role in the success of a company. How ticket revenue of London 2012 Olympic Games exceeds that of the preceding three Olympic Games (Beijing, Athens, and Sydney) combined is a spectacular example illustrating the powerful role a sophisticated pricing strategy can play. Do you want to know how Paul Williamson, who was responsible for managing the ticket program in the London 2012 Olympic Games, used prices not only as an effective revenue and profit driver as a powerful communications tool?

All foreign companies want to know how to increase profit in the Chinese market. Here a proper pricing strategy can answer this question, while Daxue Consulting is able to help with the creation of such pricing strategy and answer all your question.

Daxue Consulting gives an effective understanding of Chinese and Asian markets to deliver better results for our clients and partners. For more information about the pricing strategy in China do not hesitate to contact us at