Retail in Shenzhen

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The Overview on Shenzhen’s retails: PARKnSHOP, Carrefour, War-Mart, Wannings, Watsons, Polison, 7-11, JUSCO, China Resources Vanguard Shop, A-Best Supermarket

Shenzhen is a major city of Guangdong Province. It is the economic center and the trading center of the South part of China. Like other big cities in China, there are also many shopping center and supermarkets in Shenzhen. The primary retailers in Shenzhen are PARKnSHOP, Carrefour, War-Mart, Wannings, Watsons, Polison, 7-11, JUSCO, China Resources Vanguard Shop and A-Best Supermarket.

Focus on the supermarkets in Shenzhen: Carrefour, War-Mart

Like in other big cities, Carrefour and War-Mart are the two giant retails in Shenzhen. There are 8 Carrefours and about 60 War-Marts in Shenzhen. Unlike other big cities in the western countries, Carrefour and War-Mart are located in the city center which is much more convenient for the customers to do the shopping.

Focue on Watson and Wannings in Shenzhen

Watson’s is part of the health and beauty retail and consumer division of the Hong Kong based A.S. Watson Group. It employs over 98,000 staff. Its retail network of over 7,700 stores spans health & beauty chains, perfumeries & cosmetics, grocery, consumer electronics, wine and duty-free. In addition, Watsons controls the PARKnSHOP supermarket, acquired in 1972. There are 35 Watsons stores in Shenzhen now.

Wanning is the wholly-owned subsidiaries of First Choice Co.,Ltd. It is the only company who can compete with Watsons in Shenzhen. Although it is concentrated on the cosmeceuticals, which is different from the primary products in Watsons, the competition between these two companies is fierce.

Focus on the local supermarket in Shenzhen: Polison(百里臣)

Polison is a local retailer in Shenzhen. It was founded in 1993. There are more than 200 Polison stores in Shenzhen. Its strategy is to make it convenient for the customers to do the shopping in the supermarket. The prices are not high and the products are of good quality.

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