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Daxue Talks transcript #7: Retarget people across all platforms in China

Find here the Daxue Talks episode 7. From the talk with Olivier learn in 2-5 minutes how to retarget people across all platforms in China.

Full transcript below:

I am  Olivier Vérot, the founder of the Gentleman Marketing Agency (GMA). We are a digital marketing agency focused on performance, and we are based in Shanghai.

  1. Talking about Alimama and retargeting, is it retargeting from Tmall shop page visits OR is it from your website where you implement a code?

It is a very good question. The retargeting from Alimama on the other one is directly from Tmall platforms. So, they put cookies they know the users and they will retarget with their own networks. Tmall also has a very big network of websites, it is a display platform and they will use the display platforms to retarget the users and invite people to come back to the page.

Retarget people across all platforms in China

2. Alibaba uses a unique ID to retarget people across all platforms, does Alimama also use this method?

It is Alimama platforms. Alimama is advertising platform of Alibaba and they are doing this kind of operations, so it is based on the idea that they have, the telephone number they have; so, they have information of the people that coming to their websites and after every time somebody connecting the other websites they will connect people IDs with the page that people visit with the certain number of time.

3. What kind of criteria do you need to target people on Tmall? (Such as location, gender, age, etc.) What are the different criteria when you run an advertisement on Tmall?

For us, we target them mainly on interests, so if somebody searching for cosmetics products we mainly focus on that more than gender. Because we believe if people search for that, they are interested in that, and these results will be more effective. And if you target them by interests, basically it is like if they visit a number of the page of your competitors with the same interest as to you …  they are the most interesting target for you.

4. We know that Facebook advertising has a ‘look alike’ targeting feature, does it exist in China and who provides it?

There is Weibo who is doing that. Weibo is exactly the same system, so this is called native advertising. So, based on different criteria that you have and the genders they basically look like the time audience and target on that. So, on Weibo, it is very interesting but it is more for communications at this moment. I just give you an example, it is like every time you post something you can say.. for example, if you are in cosmetics, you can target girls between like 22-30 years old and liking cosmetics and beauty products. So, if you can put these three criteria and after you sponsor the post, like Facebook, and people who are in these criteria, they will see they are feet.

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