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Swimming equipments market in China

In the summer, especially in this Olympic year, the pool can go one of a couple ways: a great spot to relax and cool down or the perfect place to get your sweat on and kick up (no pun intended) your fitness goals. That equipment you see Olympians like Natalie Coughlin warming up with or scattered about on your gym pool deck aren’t used for a mid-workout float break. Adding this equipment to your next workout will improve your stroke and help you tone up.

Swimming equipments
Kick board: If there is anything to incorporate into your swim workouts this summer, then a basic kickboard should be it! A kick workout in the pool makes a great low-impact substitute for running and can be equally beneficial. Use it to tone your legs by practicing the standard flutter kick at alternating speeds. A kickboard can also be substituted as a pull buoy or used to do sculling exercises.
Fins: Most people think fins are used solely to make you swim fast. True, they do add a little extra speed, but they have other benefits, as well. Using fins will make you more aware of your movement through the water and can help your kicking rhythm. Use these lightweight swim fins in freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly for improved body position and an isolated leg workout.
Snorkel: The snorkel is not just for the beach! Training with one will dramatically help your head position and breathing. Not having to worry about your breath or breathing pattern in a set helps you hone in on other movements, like your catch. If you are just starting out, then stick to freestyle only with the snorkel, and don’t stress if it takes a little getting used to. The benefits are well worth it!
Swimming equipments brands in China: Speedo
Speedo is a manufacturer and distributor of swimwear and swim-related accessories. Founded in Sydney in the year 1914 in Sydney, Australia, the extraordinary company in this industry can be found on products ranging from swimsuits, goggles to watches and even MP3 players. Speedo is manufactured for and marketed in North America. Though the name of the brand Speedo is often referred to any style of men’s swim briefs, the thigh exposing budgie smugglers only account for less than 2% of the company’s sales. Its name Speedo can be found on a wide range of swimsuit styles for men, women and children focusing on performance and style. The brand also offers a range of sportswear, footwear and accessories ranging from swim goggles to electronics. What’s more, Speedo International offers a line of men’s underwear and Speedo Australia features a line of underwear called Speedo Underbody for men and women.

New trend of swimwear: fastskin and LZR Racer
Fastskin is textured with bumps and ridges in key places, similar to those on a shark’s skin. The fastskin suits reduce drag by up to 4 percent. Speedo adapted this new fabric technology for the 2006 Winter Olympics. Maybe Speedo’s most controversial move came with 2008’s unveiling of the LZR Racer- a suit, as Speedo’s website boasts. The super smooth suit, which was optimized with the help of NASA wind tunnels, uses welded seams and multiple woven fabrics to reduce drag by up to 6 percent. In addition, the LZR, like the Fastskin, utilizes a core stabilizer, which acts almost as a girdle, to reduce muscle movement.

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