Autonomous driving in China: Shifting the car industry from products to services

Autonomous driving in China

The advent of autonomous driving in China has already provoked fundamental changes in the country’s automotive industry. For example, so-called robo-taxis are now commercially operating on Chinese streets in 2021. These vehicles drive fully autonomously, transporting passengers without human drivers. Autonomous vehicle (AV) sales in China are expected to exceed 33 million in 2040, approximately […]

Metahumans in China: The next frontier of KOL marketing

Metahumans in China

The term “Metahuman” first appeared in the DC comics universe and used to refer to “human beings with superpowers”. Now, the term is used to describe super-realistic digital humans, the most realistic form of virtual influencers. With the development of technology, the 3D sphere included digital simulation which is very close to a real person. In […]

A glimpse into the universe of China’s video streaming platforms

China’s video streaming platforms

As of the end of 2020, China boasted about 989 million Internet users and an internet penetration rate of about 70.4%, way above the worldwide average of 59%. Chinese users mostly access the internet via their mobile device: Indeed, according to Statista, in 2020, about 98.6% of them surfed the web using their smartphones. Thus, […]

5G development in China: covering more industries and cities in 2020

5G development in China

The Chinese internet reaches 900 million people, most of which are mobile users, setting the foundation for success in 5G development. Forecasts show that Chinese 5G users will reach 650 million by 2023, covering around 40% of the Chinese population. Additionally, the government views 5G development in China as crucial to the country’s tech sector […]

The AI in China 2020 White Paper

AI white paper in China

This AI in China white paper is broken into two parts. The first section details the types of AI technology currently employed in China. The second part explains how industries are leveraging this technology with concrete examples. This report is available, for free, to anyone interested to learn more about the role of artificial intelligence […]

Daxue Talks transcript #25: AI and big data in retail in China

big data retail

Find here the Daxue Talks episode 25. Learn from Max Peiro how to combine a real in-house capability in China with a tech team and external collaborations. Full transcript below: Max Peiro: My name is Max Peiro. I’m obviously not Chinese. I’m from Barcelona, but I’ve been living for 12 years in Shanghai. And I am the […]

Daxue Talks transcript #22: Corporate innovation trends in China in 2019

innovation trends in China

Find here the Daxue Talks episode 22. Learn with Max Peiro, Daxue Talks’ new guest, about innovation trends in China and South East Asia. Full transcript below: Max Peiro: My name is Max Peiro. I’m obviously not Chinese. I’m from Barcelona, but I’ve been living for 12 years in Shanghai. I am the CEO of Re-Hub. At […]

Daxue Talks 22: Understand Chinese corporate innovation in 5 minutes

Chinese corporate innovation

Max Peiro, Daxue Talks’ new guest talks with us about Chinese corporate innovation. As the founder and CEO of Re-Hub, a retail innovation platform based in Shanghai, Peiro brought his expertise about how global brands and tech start-ups can drive innovation in China. ACCESS THE TRANSCRIPT OF THIS EPISODE Questions: What are the differences and […]