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Pairing with Ctrip, Audi Presents an Exclusive Glamping Trip to ‘Mars’

Ctrip and Audi project in China

On September 5th, Audi officially announced a collaborative project with Ctrip: A Trip to ‘Mars’ on China’s ‘Golden Week Holiday’. During the trip, participants will take an Audi Q7 SUV deep into the Tsaidam Basin (Qinghai Province), a region known as “the most Martian place on Earth” for its topography. There, they will live in […]

Audi China : analysis of a successful strategy

Audi China

Volkswagen is one of the biggest foreign companies operating in the four BRIC nations in general, and China in particular. China is already the world’s biggest automobile market, and it’s expected to grow faster than other BRIC nations between 2013 and 2015. Its luxury car market, which is expected to expand by 140% between 2012 […]