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The Avocado in China: Can the Avocado Trend Take Off in the Chinese Market?

avocado in China

The avocado, also called ‘alligator pear’, is a fruit from Mexico and Central America. Avocado in China is called Niu you Guo, literally “butter fruit” for its taste. This nutritious fruit qualifies as a “superfood,” which means that it is a food thought to be nutritionally dense and good for health. Residents of Western countries […]

The Avocado Market in China

  Follow us on Facebook or contact us at to know more about China’s Market  The avocados are also called the “alligator pear” by the Chinese, they have come from Mexico and Central America. It is packed with healthy unsaturated fat. The price of the avocado is very matured in China. Demand globally is […]