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China’s spirits market: baijiu reigns despite growing demand of foreign spirits

Throughout the country’s history, alcohol has been part of the Chinese culture, life, art, and philosophy. The spirits market in China is the leading sector in the beverage industry, boasting approximately RMB 1.1 trillion worth of revenue as of July 2023. Being such a huge part of the Chinese economy, the spirits market also represents […]

“The rejuvenation of baijiu should not stop at publicity stunts”: Trending hashtag on Chinese social media


As anyone on Chinese social media has already seen from the explosive collaboration, in the 1st week of September, domestic coffee chain Luckin Coffee launched a new product “sauce-flavored latte (酱香拿铁),” in collaboration with Kweichow Moutai (贵州茅台), the producer of China’s “National Liquor”, baijiu. This new drink, containing no more than 0.5% alcohol by volume, quickly became a […]

Four products with Chinese characteristics that are common in China and not in the West

Chinese characteristic products that are rare in the west

China has a distinguished culture in contrast to the west. This contributes to the fact that some products with Chinese characteristics has been very localized and popular in China. The following products are selected from different categories: food and beverage, clothing and health supplements. 1. Baijiu Baijiu is a strong distilled Chinese spirit, 40%-60% alcohol […]

Market Study on Chinese Baijiu

Overview of Chinese Baijiu     Baijiu, a kind of white liquor existed for centuries, has been a favorite alcoholic beverage in China. In particular of some important Chinese traditional festivals or occasions, baijiu is always a right and appropriate choice for celebrating and serving guests. In China, people always choose to go to the […]