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Daxue Consulting-WULIANGYE's Campaign- Intangible Culture Heritage Inheritors

A legend of craftmanship: WULIANGYE shares intangible culture heritage stories in its new campaign

On November 6th, WULIANGYE, one of the most famous Chinese Baijiu brands, released a poster of its collaborative campaign. As a sponsor of the Forbidden City (紫禁城 in Chinese), WULIANGYE invited Chinese traditional skills inheritors (which are individuals who learn traditional skills and crafts to keep them alive) to exhibit the Intangible Culture Heritages (ICH), the nonphysical intellectual wealth considered by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization), which includes the brewing process of Chinese Baijiu, a liquor distilled from fermented sorghum or other grains.

Source: WULIANGYE Advertisement Film, A Chinese Baijiu maker is checking the distilling situation

This campaign highlights a special collaboration between WULIANGYE and the ICH Inheritors. In the campaign, WULIANGYE subtly narrates the brewing processes consisting of thousands of steps in its old factories which have been used since the Ming dynasty (明朝). In the campaign, WULIANGYE acclaims the “Craftsman’s spirit” (匠人精神in Chinese) of the ICH inheritors, implying its deep drilling in the high-quality production of Chinese Baijiu Liquid.

The Forbidden City and WULIANGYE are both witnesses of the last 600-years of Chinese history, the video acknowledges this connection with the phrase  “when six hundred years meet six hundred years” (六百年遇上六百年in Chinese). WULIANGYE has seized the Forbidden City video as an eye-catching feature, firmly locking its brand with the cultural symbol. It has attracted traditional culture lovers by telling the Forbidden City’s dynamic story.

Source: WULIANGYE Promotional Video, Treasure from the Forbidden City

Through this collaboration, WULIANGYE has demonstrated its perseverance over the past 600 years, adopting a variety of creative methods to tell the stories of its culture, meeting people’s desires from the material to a spiritual level, thus capturing the loyalty of consumers.

This campaign builds on previous collaborations and continues to deepen consumers’ impressions of the brand. Since last year, WULIANGYE has been collaborating with five major museums to establish branding IP, expanding its brand values to cultural values and social values.

Source: WULIANGYE Weibo Official, WULIANGYE and the Forbidden City

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