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[Podcast] China Paradigm 43: How to make a profitable e-commerce store in China

e-commerce store in China

Michael Simonet is a China eCommerce specialist and entrepreneur. In this episode of China Paradigms conducted by Matthieu David, we learn in-depth about his e-commerce experience with cheese during his time at the company Swissmooh, a dairy company that has experienced success in China, climbing to the top of Tmall’s cheese sales. Michael’s current company, […]

The cheese market in Shanghai: Cheese evolution | Daxue Consulting

Cheese market in China. Historical reasons explain the rejection of cheese by Chinese consumers Traditionally, dairy products were associated with the nomadic tribes who lived on the fringes of China and who were regarded as barbarians. So back then, eating cheese was associated with an unsavory lifestyle. Also, the majority of Chinese people avoided the […]

Cheese market in China: What are Chinese people’s favorite cheeses?

Cheese market in China

According to a scientific study from 1984, over 90% of the Chinese adult population is lactose intolerant. In this context, one would think that there is no space for the cheese market in China. However, more and more can be found in the fresh food aisle of Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou’s stores. But be careful: […]